Monday, April 25, 2016

About My Father: Jackie robinson

   The Reason why Sharon Robinson wrote this article was to inform people of Jackie Robinson's career in M.L Baseball. This was so people can see imagine how the baseball career for J.Robinson was while he was playing in the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Main Idea of the article is Jackie Robinson's career in Baseball. Evidence- 2nd section of the article. The Color Barrier prevented Black players to play baseball because it was a law, it did not let blacks play with whites. 
      The Color barrier prevented blacks playing with whites in baseball, they had to make it on their own, make their own materials for the game. The reason why Sharon Robinson put the college statistics at UCLA and accomplishments was so people can see what he did in UCLA and where he became a M.J Baseball player. It was Important to Mr. Rickey that Jackie has Strength in character because he needs to handle the way people talk to him. Some evidence that Jackie Robinson broke the Color Barrier is that he is known and famous for doing that, the newspapers/movies and people witnessed it. The Color Barrier was broken in 1947 by jackie Robinson, now Blacks and whites can play baseball with equality.

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