Monday, March 14, 2016

Blog 15

         Some of the parts in the giver that I found interesting was how they described the events happening like the releasing of the twins. Jonas was trying to say something while watching the video but the Giver kept shushing him and it was in great description of events. The 2nd most interesting thing in the book was when he saw color, he explained it has the "actual thing didn't change but it did at the same time!" - Jonas.

         In my independent book (SYLO), I found it interesting as the events where going on, the ship and the SYLO soldiers. The other event I liked was when Tucker (Main character) was at the harbor and saw the boats, helicopters and vehicles in the formation heading to the island. The other thing I liked about the book is the description, it is not as good as the Giver's but it can be easily seen from reading the book.

         The only thing that bothers me about The Giver is when they give a whole chapter on one thing and it barely gives clues on other chapters, like 2-3 chapter ahead, Only a few of these chapters I did not like.

         In the book SYLO, I found only 1 thing I hated about it, from page 26 all the way to 68 was junk, nothing with the story just a bunch of uselessness, literally got in trouble for staying up late just for 3 chapters that didn't have anything about the main events, it was just "I went out with my friend and I saw my other friend, we went out BLAH BLAH BLAH!" (Yes I am mad about this) and then finally at page 81, it was the festival then the invasion of soldiers. It sucked :I

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