Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blog 12: Legacy


What I am known for is a silly, smart ( I hope smart )  and kind student. What I hope people remember when I leave Freedom is my kindness, so when they see me ( if they do) they will see my kind side and not my silly side. What I hope people forget is the incident of last year... the detention thing in social studies... ANYWAY, I would like to help the school be cleaner, as in cleaning garbage like wrappers and sweeping, its weird I don't like sweeping at my small house but in a huge school, i'm glad too, thats weird but true... How the way I am acting and showing how I act, I am not as silly as last year and I feel healthier than last year, I think I am doing much better than I did last year, I was that person who was " Is something wrong with him?" and "is he always like that?" but now I'm not as weird as before :) I have changed over the summer and I feel good now. 

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