Monday, March 14, 2016

Blog 15

         Some of the parts in the giver that I found interesting was how they described the events happening like the releasing of the twins. Jonas was trying to say something while watching the video but the Giver kept shushing him and it was in great description of events. The 2nd most interesting thing in the book was when he saw color, he explained it has the "actual thing didn't change but it did at the same time!" - Jonas.

         In my independent book (SYLO), I found it interesting as the events where going on, the ship and the SYLO soldiers. The other event I liked was when Tucker (Main character) was at the harbor and saw the boats, helicopters and vehicles in the formation heading to the island. The other thing I liked about the book is the description, it is not as good as the Giver's but it can be easily seen from reading the book.

         The only thing that bothers me about The Giver is when they give a whole chapter on one thing and it barely gives clues on other chapters, like 2-3 chapter ahead, Only a few of these chapters I did not like.

         In the book SYLO, I found only 1 thing I hated about it, from page 26 all the way to 68 was junk, nothing with the story just a bunch of uselessness, literally got in trouble for staying up late just for 3 chapters that didn't have anything about the main events, it was just "I went out with my friend and I saw my other friend, we went out BLAH BLAH BLAH!" (Yes I am mad about this) and then finally at page 81, it was the festival then the invasion of soldiers. It sucked :I

Friday, March 11, 2016

Blog 14 Alternate ending

       Alternate ending

       Jonas and Gabriel could not believe their eyes, glowing with bright lights was a village covered in tiny colorful bulbs, lights hanging from each dwelling. Jonas was delighted to see the wonderful lights of the dwellings. When they both looked up, they saw a huge tree covered in bulbs, lights, little pictures of kids who seemed to be a one and a Giant star on the top. Jonas could not believe his eyes!
 “We’re here Gabe” Jonas said in a weak tone.
Jonas then followed the music to a small little area with a box seeming to let out the music. He was about to touch it but then, A sudden loud bang sounded, Jonas fell to the ground with a sudden thud, Gabriel’s wailing seemed to have faded. It was Dark now.

       Jonas woke up with a sudden thud to the chest, 3 men with white coats and a weirdly shaded gray mask where around him. Jonas felt a sharp pain on his back. The men where talking all at once as he tried to move. Jonas knew he could not be alive, he had heard what had happen. Jonas was shot on the back seeming to be a Giant “polar bear” of some sort. He had looked around and heard the sound of roaring outside the small area he was in. But then, Jonas then felt the pain on his back go away, he had seen darkness again. Jonas Heard Gabriel before He went to a total darkness.
       He had heard a familiar voice saying “ Thank you for your…” all of a sudden, the light had blacked out. Later on, heard his name fading as he went into the blinding light.

                                        The community

                  Jonas has been gone for a week before anyone noticed, everyone thought he was with the giver but he had thought that he was with his family, no one had heard about him so it went into a full panic in the community. I had to find the giver and ask him to see if he had known anything about Jonas but he hadn't heard from him. The community went into a panic! Search teams had left the community to search in the elsewhere. I know Jonas Wouldn't leave us but he had, it couldn't be true but it has been 2 weeks after he was known as missing. Everyone was looking around the place seeing if he had fallen and got hurt somewhere. 
                     Soon after, Someone had found Jonas's cloths near the river where no one had searched. I knew he had gone for a little swim in the river but I didn't think he would drown or get hurt. Jonas was a good swimmer and I know it, he even said himself that he could go in water for hours at a time. There where no fragments of Jonas in the river, It could be possible he was injured while in the river. " What if Jonas had gotten injured during swimming and fallen into the purifier?" I said to the Elders " It would be Impossible! Nothing was caught in the purifier except some... oh my" said the chief elder as she said in a sad way " Some fragments of, a uniform" the Elder stood up in shock as they had heard the news of how it was highly possible he had fallen gotten injured. " Cancel  the search, let everyone know there will be a ceremony of loss next month"

                     It has been a month, all searchers are back except for one, it had been stuck in a place unknown to the community and Elders. " Fiona are you ready?" my mom had said " Yes I am, Where is the last search plane? It has been lost for at least a week." I said with a questionable look on my face. " There working on getting a transmission to it." I knew this would take a long time since the plane had gone so far but I know it would come back. 
                We where at the ceremony of loss when it was about to begin when coming out of the speaker was someone who seemed to be exited but worried saying something but it was too blurry for us to understand. Finally we heard the roaring sound of the final search plane, it had been in reach of the transmission radius " We found him, we found Jonas!" We all gasped in surprise 

" Where are you guys? How did you find him?" said the chief of Elders
 " we are far in the cold and we spotted him near a forest with Gabriel, he was freezing to the ground when we came down to take him. Jonas is in a coma but we are working hard to revive him!" I knew that Comas where very deadly and hard to help treat them without the Anpositin shot. Everyone was silent.

                 The plane arrived 2 days later and came out Jonas, and when I looked at him, he looked awfully terrible! He was not going to survive since he hadn't gotten the medication to save him. We continued the Ceremony of loss in the Great auditorium. 

" We will now say a few words of Jonas's life." Said the Chief of Elders with a long sheets of paper. After the story of his life, The Chief then said " We now thank you For your childhood, Jonas"
We then went on "Jonas, Jonas, Jonas" The night grew on as we went on. Jonas was no longer with us.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Blog 13: Famous question.

Famous when alive , forgot when dead.
Famous for doing something after death.

               If I where to choose between these two, it would be the second one, famous for doing something after my death. It will be better to be famous after life because if you where famous during life and forgotten after death, that would be at least 1-150 years old (if you live a healthy life), that would only be that much time of fame. if you did something well and famous AFTER death then it would be better, more that 150 years of fame, but it could depend on what you did in your life. If you found out how to stop "freeze brains" then it would be at least 27.172 years of fame after death, but if you made a huge difference in life like saved the human race that that will last at least 1,389,743,007.5 years, if humanity can live that long with the pollution, killing ect. as long as the Human race lives, thats how famous you would be.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blog 12: Legacy


What I am known for is a silly, smart ( I hope smart )  and kind student. What I hope people remember when I leave Freedom is my kindness, so when they see me ( if they do) they will see my kind side and not my silly side. What I hope people forget is the incident of last year... the detention thing in social studies... ANYWAY, I would like to help the school be cleaner, as in cleaning garbage like wrappers and sweeping, its weird I don't like sweeping at my small house but in a huge school, i'm glad too, thats weird but true... How the way I am acting and showing how I act, I am not as silly as last year and I feel healthier than last year, I think I am doing much better than I did last year, I was that person who was " Is something wrong with him?" and "is he always like that?" but now I'm not as weird as before :) I have changed over the summer and I feel good now. 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Blog 11: Reflection (ʘᗝʘ)

this chapter.... Was... Weird O.o

In this chapter I first thought they releasing meant they let you go into the other world of color'n stuff. But now that I read this chapter... I feel weird when I think of release, especially after the baby moment. My reaction to the 18th chapter was mutual, I learned what happened to the Girl, release and memories where lost except for fragments on the giver. Now Chapter 19 is a different story, we learned what being released meant... yes the baby and rosemary, both of them spooked me out...