Thursday, February 18, 2016

" What If? " History not learned?

            What if we do not learn about the historical events? If we did not learn about the historical events, then history would most likely repeat itself. If we do not learn from history, it will repeat and we will be in a loop, like when we first tested a nuclear weapon (July, 1945 ), we nearly blew the world up with the test. This action wasn’t a good choice and if we where to continue doing things like this, then the world will be destroyed by our dumb actions. Humanity's history is full of mistakes, we must learn from our mistakes history will repeat itself. finally, every attosecond behind us is history so if we did not learn about our history, by the year 773,123,864,329,173, we would still be cavemen, we do not advance because we do not learn from our history nor do we care about it.

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