Friday, February 12, 2016

Two worlds Colliding Julio Torres

Our world is like Jonas's world in many ways, I am going to list 5 ways they are similar.

• Both worlds have a separate place for the old, Known as the "House of old" and "retirement Home" 

• Both worlds make kids go to school.

• Both worlds are run by a group of people. 

• In both worlds, the rules are strict in most places ( not our country :P ) 

• The final way they both are similar is that at 12, Teachers/parents try to get you to choose your career, like asking and recommending you for a career in your future. 

Now for the differences, I will list 5.

• Jonas's world is in one place, our's is in many places.

• Our world is mostly a free place, theirs is they have to do the same thing to others everyday. 

• Our world is a lot more dangerous, theirs is safe but with a hint of danger to be "Released"

• Jonas's world is a lot more boring because you almost have no free time.

• Finally, almost the entire world, the parents take care of the children, not nurturers.

In my opinion, I would rather live in our world. We have more freedom and more free time than Jonas's world. I would not like it if I where to have to be doing something that I like FORCED to, like forced to build for a better chance of being a builder. If I where to be in Jonas's I would not survive to the seven, I everything called "Ceremony" I would go crazy!

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