Monday, February 22, 2016

Choices, Choices...

If I where to choose from our society or Jonas’s society, It would be the most obvious decision, our society because we choose what we want to be when we want. If we where to have it chosen, then more people are going to have to go for advising the children under 12, most likely the 50 children born are not going for watching kids that where his/her age at that age, they would want to be in another career like researcher lets say. For the next couple of years, kids wont want to be observing kids to assign them to a task when 12, most likely, the 50 kids wont want that job. Another reason I would want to choose my own job in the future is that I have a lot of time, 13 years (5 years old mind is developed) of planning so when 18, you know what it is and you are qualified, train the 13 and start the 18. The final pros about our society are we can choose what we want, no one can say no (unless we aren’t qualified) to us about getting the job.
Some of the cons about our society (only 2) is that we might not be qualified for the job like businessman, not the correct college education lets say, then we would not have the job we wanted for a long time/8 years. The final cons is that if we don’t know what we want by 16 then it would be a lot more confusing when we reach 18, we wont be working nor in college nothing to do for the next couple of years.


  1. I agree with you Julio! You explained very good points such as about the education of our economy! :D

  2. Nice job, but there are some repeating parts (Age)

    1. Sorry about the inconvenience of the repeated parts in the passage, thank you for pointing it out.


  3. You made some very good points Julio yet there are a few minor things as Jonas' community is very well thought out and very wise in the decision making