Monday, February 29, 2016

Blog #9: Imagine

                 In the song "Imagine is related to Jonas's world because the meaning of this is if everything was "perfect" in a way where there is no difference in people making it perfect. This relates to The Giver because there so far isn't any color, difference in items, and countries. If there weren't any countries then no war, no color then no other choices, no brands then people wouldn't have to  choose between the same item but different brand. this song relates to The Giver by the actual thing happening, "Imagine there's no countries" well the Imagine part of the song is true in the book, there are no other countries. 

Friday, February 26, 2016


Some of the freedoms of freedom like the freedom to be in America, this is a problem for people because they do not have many things in America so they move here to get a better life, start over again and this time do it right. The problem with this is that if they would be spotted then you would be deported back to where you came from and put in jail over there. This is not supported by the Government but Obama is trying to make it good for us.

True Fact - Most likely, Immigrants would work in a farm ( I researched this ), so other people that have the legal paper work would most likely not be a farmer. Farming doesn't need much paperwork so immigrants do this job to get money.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blog Seven: Jonas's POV change O.o

The changes fore Jonas's view from the community is that he first saw it as perfect because there where no problems and the people there are kind to others, the weather is fine and, it was just perfect to him. Now that he has discovered hills, snow, sunlight and sunburns, he now sees the world different. Jonas wonders, "why do we not have snow or hills anymore?" and the thing is that the earlier people/generations ago fixed this by making "sameness" to the weather, climate and appearance of the ground. Jonas now sees the world very different from how generations ago had, no more snow or sleds! 

blog VI: New chapter title

CHAPTER 10: 1 NOW 2!

The chapter I am changing the name of if chapter 10, it is now called, "CHAPTER 10: 1 NOW 2! "
The meaning of this chapter name is it represents Jonas and the older receiver, there is now 2 receivers. This is representing 2 receivers but the read might be wondering what we mean by this?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Choices, Choices...

If I where to choose from our society or Jonas’s society, It would be the most obvious decision, our society because we choose what we want to be when we want. If we where to have it chosen, then more people are going to have to go for advising the children under 12, most likely the 50 children born are not going for watching kids that where his/her age at that age, they would want to be in another career like researcher lets say. For the next couple of years, kids wont want to be observing kids to assign them to a task when 12, most likely, the 50 kids wont want that job. Another reason I would want to choose my own job in the future is that I have a lot of time, 13 years (5 years old mind is developed) of planning so when 18, you know what it is and you are qualified, train the 13 and start the 18. The final pros about our society are we can choose what we want, no one can say no (unless we aren’t qualified) to us about getting the job.
Some of the cons about our society (only 2) is that we might not be qualified for the job like businessman, not the correct college education lets say, then we would not have the job we wanted for a long time/8 years. The final cons is that if we don’t know what we want by 16 then it would be a lot more confusing when we reach 18, we wont be working nor in college nothing to do for the next couple of years.

Conformity, unity.

Theme:  Jonas cannot imagine how someone would have trouble fitting into his community - which achieves order by enforcing sameness.  How does the community’s enforcement of conformity also create unity?

Conformity = SAME
Unity = Working together... being together

If everyone where the same, then they would work together to make things easier for each other. Conformity is the same, Family units raise children from a one to adulthood. This creates unity by the similarities of each other, if they have the same things, there would not be any bullying or making fun of, and they they would most likely be working together to achieve greatness.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

" What If? " History not learned?

            What if we do not learn about the historical events? If we did not learn about the historical events, then history would most likely repeat itself. If we do not learn from history, it will repeat and we will be in a loop, like when we first tested a nuclear weapon (July, 1945 ), we nearly blew the world up with the test. This action wasn’t a good choice and if we where to continue doing things like this, then the world will be destroyed by our dumb actions. Humanity's history is full of mistakes, we must learn from our mistakes history will repeat itself. finally, every attosecond behind us is history so if we did not learn about our history, by the year 773,123,864,329,173, we would still be cavemen, we do not advance because we do not learn from our history nor do we care about it.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Two worlds Colliding Julio Torres

Our world is like Jonas's world in many ways, I am going to list 5 ways they are similar.

• Both worlds have a separate place for the old, Known as the "House of old" and "retirement Home" 

• Both worlds make kids go to school.

• Both worlds are run by a group of people. 

• In both worlds, the rules are strict in most places ( not our country :P ) 

• The final way they both are similar is that at 12, Teachers/parents try to get you to choose your career, like asking and recommending you for a career in your future. 

Now for the differences, I will list 5.

• Jonas's world is in one place, our's is in many places.

• Our world is mostly a free place, theirs is they have to do the same thing to others everyday. 

• Our world is a lot more dangerous, theirs is safe but with a hint of danger to be "Released"

• Jonas's world is a lot more boring because you almost have no free time.

• Finally, almost the entire world, the parents take care of the children, not nurturers.

In my opinion, I would rather live in our world. We have more freedom and more free time than Jonas's world. I would not like it if I where to have to be doing something that I like FORCED to, like forced to build for a better chance of being a builder. If I where to be in Jonas's I would not survive to the seven, I everything called "Ceremony" I would go crazy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Blog one: career choices

The pro's of the career being chosen is that the Elders would select on that you might be good at. The other good reason is that if you where to be spending your 6 years until adulthood on trying to find jobs that you are good at and deciding to find a job, you will have one selected for you. The final good part of getting the career selected for you is that it would be easier for people to know what you like because of the job that was selected for you.


       Now the con's of this career being chosen for you is that you might be doing a certain thing because your friends like it but you just want to make them happy so you do the think like making toys, you might not like it but you want others to be happy. The other con is that you might not get what you where expecting like if you where to get a job cleaning but you only liked cleaning/sweeping, dusting and all that other stuff but you get the job to clean vehicles and other harder tasks, this would make it harder for you to enjoy life there. The third and final reason is that the Elders might get your job wrong, you spend most of your time working on building things (lets say) but outside you are playing sports, this might effect your career because you will be playing sports instead of building what you like.

     If I where to have my career chosen at the age of 12, I would be panicking because I would have my career chosen and if I where to change it over the years, it would affect me alot because I might not like my future job. If I where to be 12 and have a career assigned to me is going to help me get a job in the future.